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LILY'S DAD: Paving it Forward (E-Book)

Amazon Book LILY'S DAD: Paving it Forward

LILY'S DAD: Paving it Forward (E-Book)

Mr. Lynum wrote his 80,000 memoir in 13-months, beginning March of 2018. 


His memoir captures the Lynum/Williams family history and ancestry,

including the author's exhilarating real-life travels and adventures.


Listen to The Way with Dr. J podcast to hear the page by page

commentary on present-day issues that's not in the book. 


Yes. We are working with movie producers to develop the

stories in the book for television and film.

amazon books

Buy the E-book for just $3.99 or the paperback edition from the Amazon books link below.

Buy a $15.19 paperback copy from

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